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Every year, drunk drivers seriously hurt and kill thousands of people. However, the drunk driver may not always be the only one responsible for these harms and losses. Often, the server of alcoholic beverages and the bar/restaurant can be held responsible if they over-served alcoholic beverages or served alcoholic beverages to an obviously intoxicated customer or served alcoholic beverages to a minor. 

Under the Texas Dram Shop laws it is illegal for bars and restaurants to over-serve customers, to serve alcohol to obviously intoxicated customers and to serve alcoholic beverages to minors. Dram shop laws  were established to help reduce drunk driving.  If these laws are violated and the drunk patron or minor injures or kills someone, the law allows one to recover compensation from the server and the bar/restaurant. 

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by an drunk driver, you may have a  claim against the bar or restaurant that served that person alcohol.  

Pursuing a claim against a bar or restaurant does not replace the claim against the intoxicated driver. However, at times a claim against the bar/restaurant may be the only viable alternative as many drunk drivers are uninsured and unable to pay for the harms and losses they caused. 

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