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Bus accidents often result in severe injuries and deaths to bus passengers,
pedestrians and passengers of other vehicles.  Tragically, these accidents
affect people who travel on public, charter, school and tour buses. 


Many bus accidents are caused by the negligence of the bus driver, such as
speeding, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated or driving too  long
without rest (driver fatigue).  Poorly trained drivers or drivers who lack
experience in driving buses are also often the cause of bus accidents.

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Bus companies are often responsible for causing bus accidents by  poorly
maintaining busses (especially the braking system), failing to hire
competent drivers, failing to provide training to drivers or failing to
prevent driver fatigue.

Some bus accidents are caused by defective parts or components on the bus.
In these instances, the bus manufacturer or the manufacturer of the
defective product is responsible for the accident and the resulting damages.


Bus accident cases are often challenging, as they involve claims against
either a private company, government entity, a charity, or public mass
transit company.  There are many important differences between claims
against public entities and private companies and the law is complex
especially when dealing with public entities.

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their wrongdoing and that the victims are compensated for their losses.

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